Upholstery Leather Lines

Color availability subject to change.  Memo and dye lot samples available upon request.

This is our most popular line!  Full grain, aniline dyed cowhide.  Utilizes a combination of wax and oil tannage which gives it a soft hand and antique patina.  Hides average 50 square feet.


Available colors:

Black, Espresso, Chocolate, Brown, Cedar, Luggage, Mustard, Quartz, Putty, Steel, Ivory, Cloud, Smoke, Charcoal, Eggplant, Burgundy, Wine, Red, Persimmon, Wheat, Celery, Olive, Spruce, Denim, Peacock, Navy.


This leather was deigned to replicate feel of calf skin.  It is partially vagetable tanned and lightly polished.  After tanning, the hides are vacuumed to create a tighter grain structure.  The end result is a very soft feel and elegant look that is still suitable for high traffic areas.  Hides average 45 square feet.  Meets California Technical Bulletin 117 as well as NFPA-260.



Available colors:

Pewter, Black, Godiva, Brown, Acorn, Red Fox, Cinnamon, Persimon, Dark Red, Parchment, Olive, Mink, Wheat, Pesto, Celery, Sand, Linen, Cream, White, Coral, Steel Grey, Sky Blue, Denim, Adriatic, Navy, Eggplant.


Distressed, rustic two-toned cow hides.


Available colors:

Black, Espresso, Dark Brown, Harness, Coconut, Whiskey, Bridle, Mushroom, Burgundy, Smoke, Avocado.


Rich vibrant colors, light crakle with a shiny lacquered finish.


Available colors:

Black, Espresso, Molasses, Fern, Pecan, Dark Red, Brandy, Brown, Cognac, Lt. Tobacco, Sand, White, Orange, Mango, Spice, Red, Lime, Lichen, Avocado, Kiwi, Onyx, Fuscia, Turquoise, Ocean, Blue, Purple, Sapphire.


Our most durable leather.  Smooth pigmented finish.  Austrian and south German cowhides.  75 colors available.  Hides average 55 square feet.  Meets California Technical Bulletin 117.


Pebble print with distinctive two tone tipping.


Available colors:

Chocolate, Brown, Cedar, Sand, Biscotti, Chardonay, Cashmire, Prairie, Rustique, Avocado, Purple, Red, Chrome, Gray, Black.

Boar Print

Distinctive sueded pigskins with accentuated grain.  Hides average 9-14 square feet.

Veg Tan

Natural bark-tanned cowhide used for antiques.


Glove Cow

Softest half-cowhides in luscious colors.


French parchment goat skin.  Used as lamp shades and in other antique applications.  Available in off-white and antique.